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Erie, PA 16506

Replacing Your Windows & Doors for 35 Years
Lead Certified Renovator   |   PA#4656


Locally owned since 1980, Steve Logan The Window Man has been replacing windows and doors in Erie, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

What makes the Steve Logan Difference?

Customers realize with greater energy efficiency from properly installed windows. Steve's vinyl
with foam filled frames are a great insulator. With argon low e glass and proper installation you can save up to $500 or more per year on your energy costs. Steve has been professionally installing windows in Erie’s unpredictable climates for over 33 years.

Unlike the large window companies, we will not mass install your windows.  Steve personally installs every window to maximize energy performance.

"Steve honestly represents his products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.”

Properly Installed Windows

Steve Logan The Window Man | Phone: 814-456-7447
Erie, PA 16506

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$359 Each Installed*

*That’s up to $300 less than the home grown boys!

Standard Capping & Haulaway Included In This Price.

Call Now 814-456-7447 and Say I Want the $359 Windows.

(Metal Window Removal & New Inside Trim Extra)

Do you have a blanket over your PATIO DOOR to keep you warm this winter?

Hi! My name is Steve Logan, The Window Man, and we have found the most energy efficient patio door replacements made by craftsman in America!

While my competitors can only offer you dual pane or argon low E glass with an R-rating of 4 or less, we can offer you an incredible R-rating of 9 using the most innovative technology known to man. Our patio doors keep out the bitter winter cold while keeping out noises, dust, pollutants, pollen and drafts.

Now you can take down your blanket, fold it up and put it away because our of our beautiful energy efficient patio doors, custom made just for you. Pick up the phone and call me at 814-456-7447. We’ll come to your house, answer your questions and give you a free written quotation without any obligation of any kind!

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